I'm A Gnome

He's not, but he wants to be.
Ipadidymus is not a gnome. Then again he isn't a human, a dwarf, an elf or even a pixie. That's not to say that he doesn't want to be a gnome. It's not that he doesn't try to be a gnome. In fact, he works very hard to fit in. He is oh so friendly and helpful and he is loveable.

Ipadidymus just isn't a gnome and wanting to be one as badly as he does won't make it happen. He knows that, but he refuses to stop trying. After all, Ipadidymus loves the gnomes and knows that being one would make him happy.
Why not?
All the gnomes in Norge Hollow have gnome parents and live in gnome homes with gnome families.

Ipadidymus, on the other hand, was orphaned as an infant and raised by the entire gnome community. All he's ever known is the gnomes, and the people of Norge Hollow. It made sense to him that he had to be a gnome.

Sadly, Ipadidymus is not a gnome.
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