The Village

Nestled between Mount Auriferous to the west and Mount Gerontogeous in the east, situated alongside the Euphonious River, is the peaceful Village of Norge Hollow. Norge Hollow is not unlike any other little hamlet, delightful red brick homes dotting the finely manicured lawns and brilliantly colored gardens. Some would suggest that Norge Hollow is the creation from some child's fantastic imagination left alone with a large box of crayons (or permanent colored markers.) Even more fascinating than the things to see around the tiny community are the people who live there. Take for instance the postman, Pete Druthers, as he clomps along his route each work day with his clumsy, big shoes. Of course there is also best friends Lilah, Kinsey and Caleb; adorable children that do all the things most children do when they are growing up. Norge Hollow is a place where anything could happen, and often does. Nearby is Wolfensberger's Enchanted Estates, a dazzling amusement park, known to and visited by families from all around the world, maybe farther. The gnomes of Norge Hollow have incredible lives as well, yet they go unnoticed by most, that is until just recently. Still, they have been there for as long as anyone can remember, and certainly much longer than most had even realized.

(Some are just discovering it now reading this!)
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Xaak Doyle
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