Little People

Ah, the gnomes... wee people of size, but gigantic in heart. There's Elwick and Emmabonk Buzzbink for example. Happily married for just a blink of an eye, a gnome's blink that is, as they are newlyweds of nearly 28 years. There's also grumbling Gramble Grindneedle and Modmort Tosselfuse, two of the elder gents and both lifelong friends of Elwick. Jokester Tock Tiltfidget, constantly keeping things interesting, even if his monkeyshines are frequently unappreciated.

Who could forget Lizatink Socketberry, dearest friend of Emmabonk along with mechanically inclined Fitzwright Dazzlegadget and his long stemmed pipe followed by Soofinkle Totterbop, a sweet tiny gnome; always with a helpful hand or two?

Finally, I'll mention the nearly inseparable friends, Zazzo Dawdlebloomers, Gidrick Uberboomer, the competitive lads, and Tarazzle Flitterfritz, a bit of a tomboy; they're always darting around, always having fun. With gnomes like these, how could Norge Hollow be anything but exciting?

I ask myself this all the time. See that, I just did it again!
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Xaak Doyle
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